As we celebrate the end of 2010, and usher in a new decade with 2011, many writers engage in a couple different venues. Some do the countdown list as I did earlier this week. Others do the list of resolutions, which I will not be doing on this blog.

There are many bloggers who do different things to commemorate the New Year, just as there are many different ways for individuals to celebrate. WIKIPEDIA HAS A GREAT LIST OF WAYS THE NEW YEAR IS CELEBRATED ACROSS THE WORLD.

IN THE NEW YEAR, I SINCERELY HOPE THAT ALL MY READERS AND MY FRIENDS, BOTH ONLINE AND OFFLINE HAVE THE successes THAT THEY DESERVE BASED ON THE EFFORT THEY’VE PUT INTO THEIR PROJECTS IN THE PAST. While I’m not going to list a bunch of resolutions that I may not be able to keep, I will say that I want to spend 2011 getting better connected with my friends and peers, and spending a little more time with my readers. 2011 promises to bring more great things for Finance For Youth, and I can’t wait to share these things as they start coming to fruition.

Finally, if you are old enough, and choose to partake in alcohol, be safe and smart about it. Don’t overdo it. And if you do drink, do not drive!

Happy New Year everybody! 



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  1. Thank you. Hope you have a great New Year as well. 2010 was great. I got married and debt free. Not sure how I can top that. Still I am expecting 2011 to be even better then 2010 was.

  2. Wil says:

    @Prince: Thanks for reading and for the comment. Getting married is going to be really hard to beat. Congratulations on that. I sincerely hope you DO have a better 2011 if you can.

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