I rarely find myself without something to say, but I have to admit to being somewhat stuck.  There are so many things that I want to say to my readers, but some of them have to wait and others are pegged to specific times.  So here’s what I got.

First:  This month is my birth month.  It doesn’t really matter how old I’m going to be, mostly because I don’t really want to acknowledge my age.  But I do want to acknowledge my birthday.  So, for the month of October, I am offering FINANCE FOR YOUTH: THE BOOK at a special rate.  If you order through LULU.COM you will save 25% off the retail price.  This offer is only good at Lulu.com, and only through the month of October.

Second:  Downey Federal Credit Union has decided to attack FINANCE FOR YOUTH: THE BOOK in a local newspaper.  Out of all the other financial institutions out there, this one, small institution has decided to single me out.  The story is in last week’s edition of THE DOWNEY PATRIOT.  I plan on talking more about this later, but I want to see what are the next moves played by this company.

Third:  Another issue that I want to talk about later is sensible dating advice for young people.  I’m over the whole, “Take a picnic and a walk to save money” stuff.  I want to talk about what dating means to young people.  Feel free to send me a message to give me your take on this.


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