One is the most powerful thing in the world.  Like Curly says, you have to decide what that one thing is going to be.  I suggest that you become that one thing.  When you get yourself right, everything else will become easier.  Don’t think this is going to be an easy process, but it is definitely one that is worthwhile.

The other day, my wife and I went out to lunch at a pizza place.  We get to the counter to place our order.  We each ordered the same item from the menu.  It was a meal that cost roughly $6.00.  Nothing hard yet.  Then the poor girl got confused.  I noticed that she had to look at the menu quite a few times while punching buttons on the register.  She gave us our total (about $13.50 with tax and such), and we gave her a $20.  She eventually got the change right, but she started off with about 23 dollars too much.  Had she given us the wrong change, we would have corrected the issue, but that isn’t the point here.

The point here is this:  We start out in this world alone.  We are individuals.  We generally finish the same way.  For some reason, we spend a lot of time in between trying to avoid being individuals.  What do I mean?  I could lay the blame for this sucky service in a lot of places.

  1. Pizza Hut.
    1. Obviously, they didn’t train their employee correctly, resulting in her having difficulty in placing a simple order and giving back correct change.
  2. Her school system.
    1. As a teacher, I cringe thinking that some other teacher failed this girl so much that she couldn’t do a rough estimate to figure out my change should have been closer to $5.00 than $25.00.
  3. Her family.
    1. They must have done something wrong because this girl was having some real difficulty.
  4. The unions.
    1. I’m not sure how, but you can always blame the unions.
  5. Us.
    1. We shouldn’t have made such a difficult order, and we should have used plastic to pay for the meal.  I mean, what were we thinking?

Okay, here’s the thing.  I’m not one of those guys who expects perfection from somebody making minimum wage.  I’m really not!  I get it.  Most people holding these jobs could do better if any number of circumstances worked out for them.  Some are older workers who settled for this because they have bills to pay and aren’t too proud to do any work.  Some are younger workers who are working their way up the food chain, working there while they finish school or learn some skills.

This girl put no effort into it.  This girl was the worst of what adults think of young people.  This is a huge problem for all young people.

Is there a way out?  Maybe not for her.  Maybe not for a lot of young people.  But there is a way out for one.


See, this is something that your teachers didn’t want you to ever learn.  This is something that your employers never wanted you to learn.  You have the power to be better.  When you choose to exercise that power, people start looking at young people in a wholly different manner.

  • When you go to school, I know that the herd wants you to goof-off.  I know that students who engage in learning and maturing are often met with ridicule and derision.  I get it.  But none of the knuckle-heads that are encouraging you to screw around are planning to buy you a car or a house.  None of them are going to support you when you decide to start a family.  Take initiative to make the best out of the time you have to spend in school.
    • To this end, many of the students I work with literally have nowhere else to be.  If they aren’t in class, they are in a cell.  Many will be in that same cell untill such time as they are released or do something to get their punishment increased.  Few of these students ever take advantage of the time they are inside.
  • When you are at work, take the time and effort to learn every aspect of your job.  If your job is a cashier at Pizza Hut, learn the menu.  It isn’t really that hard.  Half the menu is in the name.  Also, learn some skills that will help you when it counts.
    • I’ve made a career out of learning about parts of my job that most employees take for granted.  In banking, I would read policies and procedures during my free time.  I would do this for a couple of reasons.
      • I wanted to see how much I could get away with.
      • I wanted to see if there was a better way than what we were doing.
      • I wanted to prove that my reputation of being the best was deserved.
    • My wife works at making processes better.  She wouldn’t be able to do that without knowing how to break the system and what to do when the system breaks.  You need to learn that as well.

In short, be the one.  Focus on improving every aspect of yourself.

Taken to a larger extreme, right now this country is on the brink of what may eventually become a second civil war.  On one side, we have the government and many of the “intellectuals” who want you to believe in the group-think.  These are the people who think it takes a village to raise a child, who believe that everybody should contribute to the group according tho their ability so that everybody may benefit according to their need.  These are the elite.

On the other side, there are patches of individuals out there who believe that nobody can tell them how to run their household better than they can.  These are the people who work hard and follow the rules.  They have simple dreams and desires, and they try to do the right thing.

I know where I sit.  Eventually, we are all going to have to make a choice.  The young people today can postpone this decision only so long before the choice will be taken from them.  I suggest between now and then that you work on building yourself up to the point where you no longer need the herd to survive.  Build you into a brand, into a reputation.  Follow the QUALITIES OF SUCCESS, read FINANCE FOR YOUTH: THE BOOK, in fact, read everything you can that will help you to improve yourself.

Of course, being one isn’t going to be easy.  Nobody ever said it would be.  In fact, it is the complete opposite.

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