Okay, before we get started I would like you to watch this commercial and pay attention to what the actors say.


Got that?  Need to watch it again?  Good.

When I saw that commercial, I had some thoughts.  My first thought was, “Those are some nice looking cars.”  See, I drive a Hyundai Sonata.  Before that, I drove a Hyundai Elantra.  I bought the first one because it was the most car I could get for what I could afford.  I bought the second one because I believe that Hyundais are the absolute best car in their category.

In my experience, my car drives better than Toyotas or Hondas (this will piss Consumer Reports off because they are bought and paid for by Toyota, and have been for years).  For less money than either of the other cars, I was able to get more car.  What’s not to love?

Then, I saw what happened at the 23 second mark.  My jaw hit the floor!  Of course, seeing that my face is kind of all one piece, the rest of me his the floor as well.  I don’t know if it shows in this picture, but I was dumbfounded.

The part that offends me so much is where the one couple says something to the effect of ,

 “I feel so lame for paying the money on a Mercedes.”

Really, Hyundai?  You’re going to compare your cars to fricken Mercedes-Benz?!?!?!  Once again, let me state:  I love Hyundai.  I will most likely buy another one when I’m done with this one.  But really?

The problem is, Hyundai has sucked in the past.  When it first came to America, it was a crappy, crappy car.  It got better.  They are great for what they are.  Compared with Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, even some American models out there, Hyundai holds its own and surpasses most IMHO.

By using that quote, Hyundai is way over-hyping their situation.

President Obama does this as well.  He’s about to sign a bill that will make it materially more difficult to fix the problems that got us into the current economic situation.  He has repeatedly said that we are either out or coming out of one of the “worst financial collapse in modern memory”.  Again, he’s over-hyping here.  First, we’re not coming out of it yet.  We won’t come out of it until we change and stop engaging in behavior that got us into it in the first place.  Second, if the past administration and the current one hadn’t gone spend-crazy, this would have turned out to be a lot less devastating than it has so far.

Right now, some people have made adjustments to their own lives that have allowed them to do better, by degrees, that they might have been last year.  That’s great!  But your struggle isn’t over yet.  Sadly, there is a lot of hurt still to come before this ends.  I caution those people against letting their guard down and thinking that the worst is behind them.

Of course, I can’t fault you for wanting to do something that takes your mind off all the struggle you’ve gone through so far.  I’m planning a short vacation with some of my wife’s family.  Last time I went on vacation, was a family vacation with my wife’s family to Disney World in Florida.  Not a big deal, except we live closer to Disneyland in California (as in I can sometimes hear fireworks).  That was about 3 or 4 years ago (I think– it’s been a while!), and I know my wife and I are ready for some time off.  We’re still being cautious.  We aren’t making any major purchases for a while, but we feel we can handle something small.  It will remind us of what we are saving and sacrificing for.

Let’s face it, we are fighting for a decent life.  We are fighting for our rights as Americans.

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