No preamble, just a simple question. Attached to, is a blog that I haven’t used effectively.  I’m considering migrating everything from this site over to that one.  Some have told me that doing so would be hurtful because people wouldn’t update their bookmarks or whatever.  On the other hand, it might make more sense to consolidate the brand.  So what do you think?


Please feel free to expand on your opinion in the comments.

  1. Mike Kang says:

    Unless the two sites serve different purposes and/or different audiences, why not merge them? Other than the look and feel of the other site (personally, I like the “blog” look of this site) it should not be any trouble for you to redirect people coming here to or vice versa. Checkout (photography related site — not mine) for an example and he’s done a great job of branding himself.

    • Wil says:

      Thank you, good point! I guess I’m not quite as tech-savvy so I need to do some research to get that done!

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