I have always loved this song.  The band, OINGO BOINGO, led by DANNY ELFMAN has been my favorite band of all time.  These guys were so good, I even go to see tribute band, DEAD MAN’S PARTY whenever I can.  But back to this song.  I know that the song is “Who do you want to be today” and not “Who do you want to be when you grow up”, but I always think of the last question when I hear the song.  I used to ask young people what they wanted to be when they grew up.  I used to ask adults who were in a job they didn’t like the same question.  Back then, the question made sense.  At one point in our history, young people had the choice to determine what they wanted to do.  Did some people waste the opportunity?  Absolutely!  For years, I wasted the opportunity with reckless abandon.  In fact, wasting the opportunity of choosing what you want to do in the future has been, for many years, a hallmark of being young.

As much as I personally hate them, student loans have been there for many young people who didn’t want to wait to pay for school the old-fashioned way.  A young slacker could get some student loans, go to school part-time, pay for some upgrades to their car, and get out six or seven years later with a degree in general education.  That same person might grow up a little during that time and decide what they want to with their lives.

With the signing of the National Health Care law, President Obama also took student loans off the table in the private sector.  The Federal Government is now the main (sole) distribution channel for these loans.

What’s the big deal about this?

Well, now the Feds have the power to tell you what you are going to be when you grow up if you get student loans.  Personally, I’m of two minds about this.  On one hand, I’m glad for anything that might influence more people to not get student loans.  On the other hand, as a teacher, I’ve heard counselors, other teachers, and principals tell students that they need student loans in order to have a chance at a “better” life.  They are, of course, lying to the kids who have been conditioned to trust these people.

I don’t like the idea of a politician telling my children that we need more nurses, so he has to go to nursing school if he wants a student loan.  I don’t like a politician telling my child who wants to be a lawyer that we don’t need more lawyers (although to be fair, we probably don’t), so she should instead become a scientist focused on green energy.

In short, I don’t like the idea of government controlling the knowledge.  For years, I taught Martial Arts.  I knew plenty of instructors who would hold back just a little knowledge because they wanted to make sure the students always knew who was better.  I never cared for those “Masters”.  Later on, when I was a banker, I used to teach my employees and coworkers how to do everything that I knew how to do.  I knew other managers who would try to hide something so that there would always be a reason for their existence.  Now imagine that the government can steer people away from studying certain things because that knowledge would be politically damning for them.

  Phil Jones:  This is the “scientist” that is basically responsible for the whole “Global Warming” debacle.  In a nutshell, he did some investigating, cherry-picked the data that supported his ideological beliefs, and repressed all other data to the contrary.  When presented with the UK’s version of Freedom of Information Act requests, Jones conspired to delay, delete, and deprive any information on his “method”.  This, along with a lot of actual scientific information, puts the whole “Climate Change” (which had to be changed from Global Warming after it was figured out that the earth wasn’t warming anymore) thing on really shaky ground.






Al Gore:  Al Gore built his career on the bogus “science of Phil Jones.  His book, “An Inconvenient Truth” scared the crap out of politicians around the world.  Many of the nuisance laws (I call having to spend $4 dollars for a .50 cent lightbulb a nuisance) that are in various stages of passage are due to the former Vice President and current Windbag.





When the government controls the information and the knowledge, there is nobody left to question when they are trying to get one over on you. 

What can young people do about this?

Well, the simplest answer is to start making wise financial choices.  If you don’t yet know what you want to be when you grow up, that’s okay.  Many students, both in high school and in college, have no clue what they want to be.  In fact, many people who do have a plan wind up doing something completely different from that plan.  There is nothing wrong with getting a job and working for a while.  In fact, as someone who has done it, I suggest it. 

  1. You can save money and make enough to avoid having to get a loan
  2. Because you are paying for it with your own money, school will be that much more meaningful and important for you
  3. You can use the time working to try out jobs that you might like as a possible career
  4. You can get a cheaper taste of the way the world really works, making mistakes now that are no big deal, but which might be big massive deals later on

The next step would be to start thinking before voting.  As I’ve said before, many people were bamboozled by a slick suit and some empty platitudes.  Now, in November, and in the future, vote with the following in mind:

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

Get to know those who would try to control your destiny.  Decide whether you are willing to give your freedom to them, or whether you want something better.

Another step you could take is to start questioning everything that anybody with any power or influence over you have to say.  When a teacher tells you something that just doesn’t make sense, question them.  Ask for a second opinion.  When I tell a student something, I always give them the out to verify what I say.  Sometimes, I’ll even tell them to ask somebody that I know will disagree with me, just so the student is given the correct tools to make their own decisions.

As of today, going to college only makes sense when you can afford to do so without the interference of the government.  That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but you, as young people, need to realize that the time you spend working and doing things outside of college can still be educational and will definitely be beneficial as long as you choose it to be.

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