The way out is the future

Posted: March 2, 2010 in Blogging, blogroll, Finance For Youth, Life
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Two weeks ago, I talked about some reasons why F4Y is important.  Last week I spent in a classroom in Orange County teaching English.  During some down time, I had a chance to talk to a few young people about what they know about money, personal finance, and life.

Some of my students had actually heard of and read some of the other blogs out there.  Kudos to you guys.  None had actually read mine, but some thought they might have maybe heard of it, possibly.  I asked them what they thought about PF blogs. 

One of the students said that they seemed to speak over his head and talk to people with different experiences than him.”

That’s when I talked to him generically about F4Y.  I don’t want to sound like a shameless plug machine, so I never mentioned the site by name.  That same student said that he might look at something like that.

So I may not be the best, and I’m certainly not the biggest, but I am an educator.  I’m not slamming the other bloggers out there.  I read several of them daily.  I like many of them, even if I disagree with their premise.  I’ve given up on this generation.  Not because I don’t care about them, but because I know my generation has plenty of resources to turn to if they want to change the system.  I’m focussed on generation next.  There’s still time to stop them from making the mistakes we’ve made.


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