This is the first part of an evolution of pre-defined stereotypes for young people.  Subscribe today to make sure you don’t miss any parts!

Brain, Beauty, Jock, Rebel, Recluse, Baller, Goth, Twi-hard, Twi-tard, Cheerleader, Emo, Princess, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Nerd, Punk, Gangsta, Republican, Democrat, Progressive, Conservative, Drama Queen, Tree People, Band Geeks, Gamers, ***-hag, skaters, preppies, stoners, slackers, straight-edge, bullies, black, white, asian, latino, hispanic, chicano, oreo, coconut, bible-beaters, god squad, loners, metal-heads, sluts, and whatever other groups there may be at your school.  That’s the labels you are given by your peers, maybe even the name you give yourselves, and by all the adults around. 

They do it on purpose.

They do it on purpose because they want to control your thinking.  Government schools already exist to mold you into good employees and good future government workers.  They put you into these groups because it is easier to quantify you and dismiss you as long as you are part of a group.

When I was young, my economic and political view of the world was based on the views of my parents.  As I grew older, my affiliation with social groups at school started to influence my views.  I was a smart guy, but I was easily dismissed by older people because of the cliques I was connected to.  Now that I’m one of the grown-ups (another clique), I see young people in a different light.  Now, instead of being judged based on who I associate with, I now judge young people.  It isn’t something I’m proud of, but we all do it.

Other finance people do the same, but they deal with less groups.  They go with the standard political groups; Conservative, Liberal, Progressive, Republican and Democrat, and they also go with young people, old people, middle (or peak) aged people, investors, traders, wealthy, poor, and middle class.

They do it so often, that it is hard not to start falling for the placement we are given.  We start thinking that we are what they say we are.  This is when things start going wrong.

What is the solution?  Starting today, stop being the stereotype that others have forced on you.  Define yourself on your own terms.  Start educating yourself, and not letting others tell you what you need to know.

If you are in school, be skeptical of anything you are told to believe.  Don’t be disrespectful, but don’t swallow anything without question.  Too many of our teachers will try to push you into a pre-defined box so that they can dismiss you.  If you are out of school, reading blogs, question those too.  Question me if I say something that you feel needs questioning.  The internet is a big place.  There is no shortage of different opinions.

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