Just a few minutes ago, 60 OLD MEN AND WOMEN have told young people that their voice isn’t important.  These old men and women have told generations of young people to go to hell.  Today, these old men and women have moved one step closer to passing what they call insurance reform.

Some people might be reading this thinking that health care reform is a good thing.  They might be thinking that people won’t have to die now due to lack of insurance coverage.  That is exactly what these old men and women want you to think, but once again, they are lying to you.  So who does win here?

Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska, has sold his principles for a pay-off.  Senator Nelson, who had principled objections to federal funding of abortions, decided that it was more important to make sure that Nebraska was permanently exempted from increases in Medicare prices. 

Let’s make sure we understand what is going on.  Medicare, which is an unsustainable federal program (which means it will go bankrupt), is in place to help seniors with medical care.  As the price of this care rises, 49 states will have increases.  1 will not.  The 49 other states’ premiums will necessarily go up even higher to make up the difference.  This will mean much larger tax increases to workers.  Especially younger workers.

But Senator Nelson isn’t the only person who sold out his values, sold out the American people, sold out young people for a political victory.

Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut, and a favorite of big banks, Wall St., big mortgage lenders who don’t want to follow the rules, and a favorite of Bernie Madoff.  He was never an issue.  He was always going to vote for this F-You to young people.  But he did make sure he got a new hospital for his state. 

He believes that getting a new hospital will make the people forget that Dodd got special treatment from Angelo Mozilo and Countrywide, who were instrumental in causing the current economic problems we are facing today.  Good job, Chris.  Is it too much to ask that after being voted out in November, he is forced to work in his shiny new hospital?

Senator Harry Reid, from the great state of Nevada, shown here responding to the question, of what advice he would give to young people.  He’s another one who not only wanted this, but actively fought for it.  His only goal is to be re-elected and maintain a position of power that a failed boxer from Searchlight NV would never have.

This is not the only thing.  He has also worked out a way to exempt his state from Medicare increases.

Mary Landrieu, from the great state of Louisiana, sold her vote for $300,000,000 (Three Hundred-Million dollars).

There are others, but these are some of the bigger ones.  Why is this bill such a bad thing?  I can give you many reasons, but I’ll stick to a few right now.  Let’s look at what we are saying for the first time in history.  In order to be a legal citizen of the United States, young people (along with older people), have to purchase a product.  Young people are going to be paying more than older people for a product that they will have no access to the benefits of , since Medicare will be bankrupt by the time they are old enough to apply for it.

Reid and others have tried to paint this debate in terms of the Civil Rights debate.  So in Harry Reid’s mind, forcing people to purchase a product that they feel unneccessary is equivalent to unequal treatment based on race.  Bravo to one of the whitest men in government (douchebag).

Another issue is bringing up the name of this man.  The late Senator Edward “Teddy” Kennedy, from the state of Massachusetts was for public (increased taxes) funded health care.  It is bothersome that a member of one of the riches families in America wanted you to spend your money on a product to help insurance companies make even more profits.  If only the late Senator would have been for the health care of Mary Jo Kopechne.  Instead of driving her off a bridge and walking away from the scene to protect his political future, she might have lived.


Killed so that Ted Kennedy
Could fight to take your money
from the grave.

I’ve heard the argument that we already have to pay for car insurance, so what’s the difference?  Not everyone has to pay for car insurance.  Only those who drive a car need this insurance.  Pedestrians, bicyclists, and skaters don’t need it. 

While we are on it, young people have always had access to the best medical care available.  Emergency rooms are not able to refuse service.  That is the beauty of America:  Sure, medical care is expensive, and in most cases, you have to pay for the services you use.  But if you are sick or injured, or if you can’t pay, nobody is kicking you out into the streets for emergency care.  That won’t change, but now you will have to pay for coverage whether you can or not.

This isn’t over yet, but it soon will be.  There may be nothing that you can do about this for now.  But there is one thing that you can do in the future.  Whenever groups like Rock the Vote treat you like stupid, horn-dogs who can’t get past your genitals to see the truth, like the do in this video:

Next time they think you are that shallow, do the research and follow both the money and the logic.  The RTV people promise to never F you?  But they want you to go on lockdown until the government gets a chance to?  No thanks, RTV.  Most intelligent people can get it without blackmail.



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