Given that Halloween is over, and it was a blast, this movie always scared the crap out of me!  Jack is always awesome, but here and in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, he was awesome!  But this scene reminds me that too often in life we look, head down, at what is right in front of us, and don’t pay attention to what is going on in the rest of the world.

I’m guilty of it.  I focus on work a lot.  When I’m at work, I rarely pay attention to the little things like making friends with coworkers, or anything else really that isn’t directly connected on the work I am supposed to be doing.  Look, I’m not telling you to slack off and not work when you are supposed to, but sometimes it feels good to connect with the world outside of work.  Sometimes that means going out with co-workers to clubs or diners for a (soft)drink, or taking lunch together when permitted.  Sometimes it just means to connect, in any way possible, outside of work.

Here’s an example:  At my last job, I would talk to my co-workers when it had to do with work.  I didn’t become as friendly with them on a personal level as I could have.  The shame of it is that these are good people.  I liked them.  All isn’t lost though.  Through social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, and others, I have had the opportunity to see a little inside of their lives, and they have been able to see a little inside mine.

Facebook has also become a place where I can get together with family and friends that I don’t always get to see.  I enjoy playing several of the games, and competing with friends and family.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t be careful when using these sites.  It should go without saying (but it doesn’t) that you have to be careful with what you put on these sites.  Once you put something on the net, its out there forever.  You need to worry about that when you are taking pictures of yourself in positions that you wouldn’t want your grandmother or employer to see.  Many employers are looking at Facebook and MySpace to see if there is anything out there that they don’t want to be connected with.  So be careful with language, pictures, and anything else that you put on the net.

One other thing, if you are already on these sites, be smart about your posting.  There have been several news stories out there about people (especially young people), who would make dumb choices that came back to bite them.  Stories about people calling in sick from work, and then posting onto their MySpace pages that they were at the beach or somewhere else.  I’ve even heard of collectors using these sites to repossess cars and other items when dumb people didn’t pay for them as agreed.  So don’t do that either.

If you’ve seen my site, you know I am on Facebook and Twitter.  I have a MySpace account, but I don’t use that one much anymore.  I find that most of my readers have grown up a little, and no longer use that particular site.  I also have a group called Finance For Youth.  I’ve just started it, so there are no other members.  Click on my card at the bottom of this page, and friend request me.  Let me know that you are a reader of F4Y, and join the group.  Have a little fun with life and connect with those around you.


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