From time to time, I get direct emails from readers who don’t, for whatever reason, post comments on the blog.  Generally, I try to answer these in future posts or with a direct response.  I haven’t done a whole lot of “mailbag” posts, but I thought it might be a good idea to do just that so readers can get a better idea of who I am.

Dear Will:

You seem to be a right wing repuglican (sic), but sometimes you sound like a more progressive person.  You can’t be both so which is it?



That’s a really good question, but it is also really hard to answer fully, honestly, and accurately.  Ordinarily, I wouldn’t respond with my political beliefs, but one cannot separate politics from economy, especially in the circumstances in which we find ourselves today.  Between the two major parties, I more closely identify with those on the right than on the left.  However, there is much about all parties that bothers me, so I make it a point to vote and live my life on my own terms, and not on those of any party.  For example, I really couldn’t care less about gay marriage, abortion, or other social issues.  Most, like these, do not impact my life in any way.  I am vehemently opposed to the drift towards a populist, socialist state that I see our country in.  I believe that hand-outs do not solve problems, but instead create more down the line.  I don’t care about gay marriage because I am not gay, and already married.  I think Perez Hilton is a ginormous douche bag for his treatment of Carrie Prejean, but she should have known that being a public figure comes at a price.   As far as the actual parties go, those are just names.  Republican, Democrat, Green, American Independent, or whatever are closer together in practice than many people believe.

Dear Will:

You seem to watch a lot of TV.  What do you like to watch?



Guilty as charged.  My wife and I like to spend some veg time in front of the TV after a hard day work.  We both watch

Big Bang Theory

How I met your Mother

Two and a Half Men

Rules of Engagement







Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Law and Order: SVU


Robin Hood

Graham Norton show

Top Gear

Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares

The Office

Arrested Development

Justice League

Batman:  The Brave and the Bold

Family Guy

American Dad

I’m sure there are others we have watched over the years.  Some of these shows are no longer on TV, and that’s a shame.  They are good shows.  Sometimes, I find something on one of these that fits in well with what I’m talking about, and you will find a post that talks about it.

Dear Wil:

What are your credentials?  What do you stand for?  What makes you different than anybody else out there?



Another good set of questions.  Although I get from your questions that you are skeptical (which is a good thing to be in all cases), I’m glad to take the opportunity to respond to these individually.

What are my credentials?

I am a recently credentialed teacher of Social Science (including economics, government, and history) in the state of California.  Prior to that, I spent the better part of 15 years working in financial services industries, primarily working with the public including youth.  I’ve dedicated my adult life and career to helping young people avoid the mistakes that the previous generations have made.

What do I stand for?

I stand for the best anybody can do for themselves.  For some, that includes being wealthy or rich.  For others, it includes service, but for all it includes being happy.  In order to help youth achieve this goal, I strongly support education and self-sufficiency.  I’ve talked about my QUALITIES OF SUCCESS many times, and these encapsulate everything I’m behind.  I think individuality and individual expression are things to be celebrated and cherished, not destroyed or silenced.

What makes me different than anybody else out there?

In a word, nothing.  The strategies I teach are not new.  In fact, they are very old.  They work.  The only difference between me and anybody else with the same knowledge is that I have the ability and desire to share the information, where others may not.


What do you have against unions?  Don’t you realize the good that organized labor has done for Americans over the decades?


Historically speaking, unions served a very important purpose.  There were, during various periods of this country’s history, serious abuses committed on the worker.  Unions helped to right those wrongs.  Like many other good things that are allowed to survive past their usefulness, unions have largely abandoned the idea of righting wrongs, and have become in many cases hostile entities to business.  I personally also believe that unions stifle individuality and creativity, chamioning status quo and “good enough”; allowing people to keep jobs they should leave simply by virtue of sitting still and hanging on long enough to go up the food chain.

As a teacher, I am implicitly required to join several unions in order to do my job, which I will do because it is a requirement of the job.  If and when unions return to protecting the individual from actual work place abuses, my membership will become more active, but as long as they push an agenda that I disagree with, they get the dues required and nothing more.

Finally, a note about my name.  I generally spell my name with one “L”.  Some have even called me “Wil with one L”.  I don’t get bent out of shape for people throwing in the extra letter, but I thought it important to inform you as to which is correct.  If you have any questions about Finance For Youth, personal finance, me, or anything else, drop me an email at:  I’d like to thank those who have sent messages, even if they disagree with me.  One of the great things about America is that you don’t have to agree with somebody else.

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  1. cko says:

    We agree about TV shows, anyway! We’re trying to save the show; ideas collected here:

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