So, Did I miss anything?

Posted: February 16, 2009 in Blogging, blogroll, Budget, Community, education, Family, Finance For Youth, Life, Politics, Qualities of Success, Relationships, Saving, School

Wow!  The past six months or so have been really difficult.  Just to give a brief update of what I’ve been up to…,

  • I quit my job to do my student teaching
  • After two or three weeks, the school I was at decided that they weren’t ready for a student teacher from a school like mine
  • I sat for about a month trying to find a new school to teach at
  • I wrote thousands of pages of reports
  • I found a new school
  • I wrote more pages of reports
  • Somewhere I might have slept, although I don’t remember it
  • I tried to maintain some sense of normalcy in my life

Not a bad list, but really not much there.  What has the world been up to?

  • New president
  • Economy tanks!

Really, that is enough, so I’ll ignore six months of other stuff.  Let’s look at these two items, which are really connected.  I have tried to keep politics out of this blog, because I think they are two separate issues that don’t always mix well together.  But this is a new world, and one cannot talk about one topic without talking about the other.

44th President Barack H. Obama

I really don’t care what a person’s political views are on this one, the election of Mr. Obama is a historic event.  Although I think it would have been of greater historical import to see a female than a sort of slide into a president of a different race.  Had Mr. Obama not had a white parent, my views might be different.  I think that the Democratic party took what they believed to be their best chance with an “ethnically diverse” nominee because they felt they couldn’t win with a woman.  That being said, the election of our new president is still monumental.

I was teaching US History when he was elected and I remember hearing some things that made me proud to be able to witness, and some things that scared the Bejeezus out of me.  One of the latter came from a peer.  Another teacher actually told the class that George W. Bush will be seen as the worst president ever, and that the day Mr. Obama assumes the Office of the President will be the best day in the life of every American.


As I said, President Obama’s election was historically, a great day.  History books from this day forward will have him on the cover.  Great day!  For me, not the greatest.  There are a few that pass it.

In no particular order, here are some days that I think are greater in my lifetime.

  • My wedding day
  • The day I decided to go back to school
  • The day I paid off my first car
  • The day I graduated High School

There are others, but my point is this- That teacher told students that nothing in their lives will ever be as important as the day some other guy gets a new job.

I have A LOT of catching up to do, with a lot of events that have been really important to cover, but I won’t throw it all out there today.  We will be talking more about this new political world, the first 100 days, and other events as time goes on.

The Economy Tanks!

Over the last few years, I have been telling people that the economy was not nearly as good as it was portrayed to be.  Last year I told people that banks were going to be going away and working to help people to survive.  After I left to student teach, I knew that the rest of the economy was starting to nose-dive.

We are in right now, what will eventually be called the Greater Depression.  There, it’s been said.  There are some many economists that will tell me that I’m overreacting.  They will tell me I’m wrong, and worse yet, scaring people.  These are the same economists that used to tell people that real estate never loses value, the same ones that encouraged people to make purchases on credit that they couldn’t afford to pay back, and the same people that said this was going to be a short recession that would fix itself quickly.

Now these people are debating whether we can ever get out of it without either massive tax cuts or massive spending increases.  When I say massive, let me give you an idea of what I mean:


Let’s put that into perspective.  The population of California is about 36,500,000.  If every man, woman, and child in California ponied up about $55,000.00, we’d reach two trillion dollars.  Just for fun, I’m wondering how much everybody would have to make where you live.

Let’s talk about some issues.  Yes, we are in really bad financial times.  This doesn’t mean that there is no hope or chance of survival.  Sticking to the Qualities of Success will help you.  Taking time and thinking before spending large amounts of money or mouthing off to your boss will help you.  Having planned ahead would have helped, and may have helped many of you, but even if you haven’t, you are not totally screwed.  Listening to and watching news from several sources without fully believing all of them will help you.  In the future, we will also talk about other things that you can do to help you through this time, and how to avoid problems the next time.

  1. The Gooroo says:

    Nice blog! I agree with what you have said. Although right now the financial state is hard, this does not mean there is no hope. Of course there is hope. The US has jumped back up from worst (think of the Great Depression). We can do it, but it will take time. Once again, nice post and awesome blog!

    I also have a finance related blog so feel free to check out:

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