Sorry about that.

Posted: July 10, 2008 in Blogging, blogroll, Community, doing good, Family, Finance For Youth, Life, School

Posting is going to be cut off for the time being until August, because I’m really in crunch time to finish a bunch of assignments and take two really big tests in July before I can start doing my student teaching and get my credential. There are a lot of things I want to cover, but I just can’t do all things correctly. Something has to give, and I’ve worked too hard in school to not finish.

Quickly though, I strongly suggest that you become known for something positive. Case in point, there is this little restaurant that I like to go to with my wife (I use the term restaurant loosely). We’ve been going for years. I used to be known for getting a particular order that was less than healthy. I’ve mentioned that I’m fat, but since my wife and I have started going to the gym, we (sort of) reward ourselves by going back to this place once a week and getting salads. We always get the same salads, and they are pretty good.

Because of a recent tomato/salmonella scare, we haven’t been in about a month.  Since we couldn’t find a place we liked better, we finally went back, and the girl at the counter didn’t miss a beat:  She just asked me if I was getting something different than the regular. 

You know what?  It feels pretty good to be known as the salad guy at a restaurant instead of the chilli cheese fries guy.

Nothing about finance, just a little bit of “I had a good day.”  Wish me luck on the CSET and the PRAXIS, as well as in staying sane while doing a butt-load of written assignments, and I’ll see you again in August!

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