You may notice that my blogroll has changed a little bit.  Some sites go through and cull their blogroll to what they feel are their “best” sites.  Unlike these sites, I want to increase, rather than decrease the number of blogs I read.  I can’t believe that I have all the answers, or even all the questions.

Right now, there are three categories:  Stuff I’m reading, F4Y picks, and Finance For Youth Family.  The last one is pretty self-explanatory, it is comprised of F4Y sites, and sites from family members or very close friends.  The second one is comprised of sites that really uphold, on a consistent basis, the ideals of F4Y, Qualities of Success, and my personal belief system.  Right now, there aren’t any blogs there.  The first category is everything else I read daily.

Some of the blogs on my blogroll contain information or content that I don’t believe or agree with.  That’s okay, this is still a free country, and they each have something on there that I enjoy.  My inclusion of a blog into my blogroll isn’t an endorsement.  Thik of this site as my living room, and my blogroll is a stack of magazines I have on my coffee table.

The only thing I won’t put on are sites that are patently offensive, or sites that are not appropriate for my intended audience. 

If you have an interesting blog, or if you know of one, drop me a link to check it out!  Who knows, I might really enjoy it and it will end up on the new blogroll.


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