I like watching kids’ movies. There, I admitted it. Not all kids’ movies, but some of the better ones. I’ve admitted to watching and getting to a point where I like the movie CARS and I don’t feel too much shame over it, but I’m still concerned about the part where the Tow Truck shouts out, “Lightning Mc Queen, why can’t I quit you!” (or that may be another movie…, I’m not so sure). What I’ve noticed is that you could learn a lot from these movies if you really want to.

This Halloween, my wife and I kept it pretty low key. We went to the gym and then watched MEET THE ROBINSONS. If you watch the movie, there is a very subtle theme that, if you listen carefully, you will hear. The theme “Let go of the past. Keep moving forward.” is repeated once or twice during the movie. I really like this advice.

Too often, as adults, we blame everything on our childhood. I’ve talked about this several times, and those who are regular readers know that I’m not a big fan of this practice. I’m also not a big fan of allowing mistakes that we have made destroy our future. This goes a little something like this: “If I would have saved more when I was young, I could be rich today.”, or “I wasn’t smart enough to pay attention in school, so I can’t be successful”, or “I got stupid with credit cards in college, and I’ll never be able to get out from under them”.

In all of the above cases, my answer is BalderdaSh! (I’m impressed with those who caught that one) There is absolutely no reason why a mistake, or even a few conscious bad decisions should automatically destroy your future ability to enjoy success. Especially for young people, time is on your side. I’m not advocating making a string of stupid plays, but let’s be honest here: If, while you are still in college, you make a bad decision regarding credit cards, the truth of the matter is you can be hurt for years. So, you won’t be on par to meet your goals by a specific age, but that’s not to say you won’t make your goals eventually. The only thing that can determine whether you make your goals is you.

The other piece of advice I have is to avoid being like Mike “Bowler Hat Guy” Yagoobian. Throughout the movie, many of BHG’s schemes fail, and when he can’t figure out why, his pawn in the scheme says, “I have little arms. I just don’t think this plan was very well thought through”. First, I couldn’t stop laughing when the T-Rex said it! It was the funniest thing in the movie. Second, this is where a lot of young people really screw up. When dealing with finance, or with life, you really have to think through your plans, and come up with at least a couple of alternative plans to deal with contingencies. This is no guarantee of success, but as you plan, you will find that you will be more successful more often, and never have a frog telling you about his small arms.

So, whenever you start thinking about all the problems you have had with finances, if you start feeling hopeless and helpless, just remember Meet the Robinsons; “Let go of your past. Keep Moving Forward”. Besides, it’s much better advice than “A dream is a wish your heart makes”, or “When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true”.


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