INTEGRITY separates those that are successful from those that might have some money or power. Integrity is the difference between a historical figure and a legend. Integrity is something that you have to have, or you have some serious problems.

When I talk about “experts”, those quotes are there for a reason. I really don’t consider someone to be an expert in personal finance simply because they have the ability to sell a book, or a system, or because they are on TV telling me that my life isn’t as good as theirs. In the past, especially YESTERDAY, I have been critical of some bloggers out there who talk out their doubletalk their way through the subject of personal finance (there is a phrase I’m thinking here, but this is a family friendly blog, after all) and obviously don’t walk their talk. I have the same general problem with other “experts”, who value style over any semblance of substance. These people disgust me.

My entire adult life, I have made (sometimes difficult) decisions about dealing with other people. Some times I made the right choice, and others I royally screwed up whatever I was trying to accomplish. Either way, I have stood up and accepted the consequences for my actions and words. I do this because anything less would be an admission that I have no integrity.

Earlier this year, I got into a lot of trouble at work. I would have been fired, except that my bosses know that I told them the absolute truth, and didn’t try to hedge or lie about what happened. I could have; it would have been really easy. Other employees and clients would have backed me up, and wouldn’t have held it against me. But I wouldn’t have ever been able to look them in the eye again. For me to have lied would have destroyed the meaning for their willingness to back me up. Times where I have been fired, my bosses have always expressed how disappointed they were because they knew that I wouldn’t be replaced by someone with the same level of integrity. Small consolation, but when they say this I do feel a little better.

When you are at work, one important thing for you to remember is that you have to be willing to do as good a job for the worst customers as you do for your favorites. In fact, one could almost say that you shouldn’t have favorites, or that every customer should be your favorite. Practically, I know that everybody will have favorites, and that you will go a little further for these favorites than normal. But you should try.

With people in your life, they need to believe you when you say something. They need to believe in your character, that you are a good and worthy person. You demonstrate this by actions, by helping people when possible, by looking out to make sure that others aren’t being taken advantage of, and by living the QUALITIES OF SUCCESS whenever you can.

Also, don’t be too proud to ask for help when you need it. Doing so will make people look at you with respect, and will make them more willing and even eager to help you. They will also have more respect for your opinions.


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