OBEDIENCE: Qualities of Success

Posted: October 4, 2007 in blogroll, Blogs I'm reading!, Community, doing good, F4Y Picks, Family, Finance For Youth, Friends, Jobs, Life, Qualities of Success, Working

If you fail to obey the law, you can pay huge fees or lose your freedom. If you fail to obey rules in class, you can get kicked out, suspended, or detention. If you don’t obey your parents—well, it really depends on how your parents feel about discipline. The point is, we spend a lot of your lives learning OBEDIENCE in some fashion or another. In fact, up until recently, obedience used to be highly regarded as a positive attribute.

The funny part is, even though obedience has become a bad word for many adults who think that doing what you are told is somehow –beneath- them, when you look at those who are highly successful, every one of them are obedient. They may not be obedient to everything, and they may be obedient to degrees, but that’s okay.

Here’s what I’m talking about: You are at work, and your boss tells you to sweep the floor, since there are some bigwigs from Corporate coming in soon. What do you do? You sweep the floor. It’s in your interests to do so, as it is in the interests of the boss to tell you to. Similar situation, you are about to leave to go to a doctors appointment that was pre-scheduled and approved by your boss. Your boss tells you that he wants you to stay anyways, because (s)he wants to go play golf this afternoon. Do you still do what you are told?

You need to understand when to be obedient, and when to not. Some things to consider:

-What are the consequences for not obeying?

-What are the benefits for obeying, especially if you are being told to do something outside your normal job?

-Would obeying cause you to do something that you are personally, morally against?

-Does the person telling you what to do have any legitimate right to do so?

-Are they telling you something that is against something that you have been told by someone else?

So, who should you obey? It really depends on you, but here are a few ideas to start with? Under no circumstances should you be blindly obedient just because someone has a title. You need to think for yourself, and above all else, be obedient to yourself.

Parent(s): Probably
Spouse: Definitely
Boss(s): Depending on what they say
Everyone else: Depending on how you feel.

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