So yesterday I picked up my brand new CAR! I know that the conventional wisdom is to not buy a new car because of depreciation, blah, blah, blah. The thing is, looking at all the factors, this was a better choice.

Actually, I’m just bragging above, there is no real point to me buying a car, except that I finally got a car. I’m not going to try to fit the fact into a lesson on frugality or anything else for that matter!

HERE,I talked about AUTOLAND, and how much they can help the consumer who belongs to a credit union. I often tell the story of how I was able to beat the Autoland price on a car for my wife. Long story short, I was able to shave $100.00, and it only took all FREAKIN’ day! After that, I decided to use them whenever possible.

Yesterday, and really over the last week, at FINANCIAL PARTNERS , the Autoland rep Kevin went above and beyond in delivering EXACTLY the car that I wanted, and getting a GOOD price on it! I can’t imagine this process being any easier than it was, and Kevin had a lot to do with it.

In the interest of full disclosure, a lot of why this process was so quick and easy is because my wife has worked there for several years, and is well liked by the staff. So, thanks to Karen and Kevin and whoever else (whose names I don’t know) that made this transaction simple.

  1. […] or won’t, and she often reaps benefits for doing so. I’ve told you about my car buying EXPERIENCE, and how I feel that her being such a good co-worker has helped the process. Of course, I’ve […]

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