YESTERDAY I talked a little bit about a couple of losers taking up time enjoying the college experience. I do a lot of online reading (news and blogs), and I’ve found that these two buffoons have gained a following of like-minded minions. That got me thinking of what QUALITIES OF SUCCESS really are about.

Sure, by following them, I can almost assure that you will be more successful. These things have been in existence for centuries, and nothing lasts that long without having some merit, but that’s just the beginning. Part of the success of the Qualities of Success is in passing them down and forward to the next person. Like any other knowledge, the worst thing to happen would be for that knowledge to die with the holder for lack of passing it on. I’m grateful for the opportunity and the platform to be able to pass this on, but seeing what’s going on in Colorado, Florida, or almost anywhere else, USA, I don’t know how optimistic I am that the Qualities of Success will endure.

LEADERSHIP is very important to the Qualities of Success, because—let’s face it, young people don’t especially care to be led by older people. I understand this. I know that many of you blame us for the way much of the world is. I’m not sure you are wrong here, but that’s another issue. Once you start realizing the success that comes with practice and work, people will start to look to you for inspiration. They will look to you and try to emulate your success. So the question is: How would you respond to this need in someone else?

Also think of those people who won’t ask for your advice, but might be curious. You need to actively cultivate your leadership skills by doing the things you would want to see a leader do. The unfortunate part is, this becomes a full time job, and you always have to work to improve. The fortunate part is, once you start to build habits that are consistent with being a strong leader, it gets easier to keep and to improve.

So, when you go out throughout the week, try to be a leader worth following, and do good!


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