Parents, please read this before you allow your children to.

Posted: August 23, 2007 in Blogging, Community, Life, Scams


This post will contain some strong themes and language that you may not want your child to read without your supervision. Although I will do my best to refrain, I will point to a couple of links that I have no control over the content of.

Today, I’m sickened on a couple of levels, because of problems with the law.  I normally stay away from politics here because this blog is about young people and finance and not my political beliefs, but these stories fit.

  • ROCKY DELGADILLO has released Jack Mc Clellan, dropping charges of violating a restraining order.  I’m sorry, but I always believed that our politicians were supposed to work for their constituents, not the criminals.  This guy needs to be fired, tarred and feathered, or whatever it takes to get a city attorney that will work to protect our children over a disgusting time-bomb like Mc Clellan.
    • This is not the first thing that Rocky has done that deserves termination (or firing, I’m flexible), but it really should be the last.  In the interest of good taste, I’m not going to put links to all the stupid things.  If you are interested, check out Google.
  • LINDSAY LOHAN had the most serious of charges dropped by the LA County Attorney’s office.  This girl needs help, but she also needs a sense of ACCOUNTABILITY, that going to real, grown-up prison will teach her much better than hugging and patting of backs.

I’m keeping this short, because for me to go longer would strain my ability to restrain myself from calling these people for what they are.

I’m sorry for the hi-jacking of this site, but these stories are too important to have not been mentioned.


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