DEDICATION in the terms I mean it is a very important concept for success.

Look around at the people you go to school with: You see the straight “A” students, you see the people in the Lettermen’s jackets. You know that these people work very hard at something. You might even be one of these people. You are dedicated to something larger than yourself.

I’ll be honest: I was dedicated to having fun, regardless of the cost. In my old age, I’m sure I’ll look back with regret, but for now, I’m okay with how I went through high school. My wife has always been dedicated to doing the right thing. I’m sure her way works too.

When dealing with personal finance or life in general, you need to be dedicated to success. You won’t succeed if you take a half*** approach. You have to seriously look at the goals you want to achieve, and the steps needed for you to get there.

I see it all the time, where someone has decided to start saving some money so they can afford to go on a summer vacation, but use the money throughout the year instead. When it’s time for their trip, which they may have already paid for (with credit), the cupboard is bare.

For young people, the four-wheeled monster is more often the culprit of this problem. Young person decides they want to buy a car, and saves up thousands of dollars throughout the year, (or they would have, had they not been making small, steady withdrawals periodically) to do so, but winds up having to finance a larger piece than they had planned because there is no money.

Contrast that with the person who drives crappy cars for years, learns how to fix their own, all the while putting away thousands of dollars (without touching them) towards the purchase of their dream car. When the time comes, they are able to afford a lot more car, and have saved enough to pay cash for it, thereby keeping themselves out of debt.

So what’s the difference? Is one person smarter than the others? Maybe. The only real difference is that one person was dedicated to reaching their goal, while the others—weren’t. I know I’m going to get people who will tell me that I’m not giving the whole story, that there may be legitimate reasons for the first two to take the money out, blah, blah, blah. There might be legitimate reasons. I don’t care. If they are taking money out to do something other than what they had planned on doing, they are just less dedicated. Is that bad? I don’t know. What I do know is that without the unswerving dedication to meeting your goals, I can almost guarantee that you won’t.

Think about the things you would consider yourself dedicated to. Now think about the things you aren’t dedicated to. Should you be? Can you be?

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