In support of Amy Polumbo

Posted: July 12, 2007 in Blogging, blogroll, Community, Jobs, Life, Other Sites, Working

I apologize for this break in what is ordinarily a strictly finance-related topic, but the news about Miss New Jersey is important enough to break in.

For those who live in a cave and haven’t heard about the story, Miss New Jersey, Amy Polumbo is being blackmailed by one or more pathetic losers. Correction, she was being blackmailed. Polumbo has decided to release the “racy” pictures that are at the center of this scandal. Okay people, this should not be news. Whoever was blackmailing Miss Polumbo about this should be returned to whatever high school they dropped out of.

What should be news, is that the news outlets are calling these photos “racy”. Some headlines tout “Breast biting, crotch shots revealed”. This is pathetic as well as dishonest. The pictures show a normal young person having some fun. The other newsworthy part of this is that according to the stories, only two of the five pageant officials that hold Miss Polumbo’s future in their hands have expressed confidence that she will be able to retain her title. Not to say the others won’t come around, but there should be no question.

There were no pictures of anything illegal, there were no naked pictures, in short, nothing that should cause any concern on Miss Polumbo’s part. This is nothing more than an attempt by a contemptuous loser to deprive a normal young person from something she worked very hard for, and earned. Any negative consequences to Miss Polumbo is nothing more than a big “F-You!!” to young people.

We now return to scheduled discussion about finance for young people.

  1. I agree, Wil. I saw the pictures, and was shocked, just shocked, at what a normal girl Miss New Jersey is. And kudos for the pageant board for deciding to let her keep her crown…

  2. Wil says:

    Yay Jersey! Thanks for the comment.

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