This is great advice in any circumstances. Aside from the safety aspect (especially at night), and the aspect of you never know what can happen to you (such as falling and hurting yourself, getting stung by a bee, seeing something really outrageous that nobody will believe later), it is also more fun to walk if you are walking with someone.

After yesterday’s post, I started thinking about the concept of never walking alone financially.

As we all know, the housing market is currently facing a rough patch. I’m not going to get into the particulars, but I think we’re just seeing the beginning of this thing.

My wife and I have been considering buying a new house. We like where we live, but there are some other considerations that make us think about ownership. Knowing the market has been going down, we were goofing off the other day, when we saw a house that was in a nice neighborhood and price range.

It was a good enough deal that we decided to take a closer look: After all, what harm could come of it. The house was really nice, but that’s about the most I could say– nice. My wife liked it, but didn’t love it. We talked about it, and decided that we could easily afford to pass up the great deal in favor of one later on.

The thing is, we both liked the house, and agreed that it wasn’t a bad deal, and had we been alone, we might have gone through with it. But together, we have decided that we deserve better than “nice” or “like”. We’ve worked hard, saved our money, and plan on staying in our home for a few years. Would we have been happy in this house? Sure. Is “sure” enough after all the work we’ve put in? Nope.

Young people usually don’t have the spouse to walk through decisions with. You need to talk out big decisions with somebody. Probably a few somebodies. Parents are usually good for this, and so are life-long friends (as opposed to those friends you really aren’t that close with), but whatever you do, make it a point that you talk out any major purchase with someone who cares about saving for the future AT LEAST as much as you do. This will help keep you on track, and may even save you a few lumps for making a really bad decision.


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