If you’ve ever seen “Arrested Development”, the show that was way to smart for Fox, you probably saw episodes where the father would send his one-armed friend to “lose” his arm, scaring the crap out of all the kids, in an effort to teach a lesson. The idea is that these kids would think a guy got his arm ripped off because they did something bad. The tag line was always, “And that’s why you never—“. I need a friend with one arm so I can do that to my kids, but I digress.

A little while ago, I got my insurance bill for my car. The amount had more than tripled from what it should be. I knew I had a couple of (bogus) tickets, but none within the last couple years. We went through a whole ordeal with the insurance broker, only to find out it was for a ticket that I never got, but paid for a little more than two years ago.

I have State Farm insurance. My parents have State Farm. Most of my family has State Farm. All together, we have hundreds of years with State Farm. They are not the cheapest, but the few times I have ever needed to file a claim, they never low-balled me, they never hesitated over the claim amount, and they know who I am. They treat me like a good neighbor (sorry, couldn’t resist). I am more than willing to pay a little extra to make sure I never have the hassle of dealing with a two-bit insurance agent that nobody’s ever heard of.

I called a few other companies because I really didn’t like having to pay THAT much more than I should, but nobody came close to matching or beating State Farm, so with them I stay.

There are two lessons here. (As he throws his fake arm on the desk), if you get a good company with competitive (not necessarily better) pricing that is loyal to you, be loyal to them (unless they screw you over, then ditch them!!!). The second one is to obey the laws, not only because very few of us are fortunate enough to live like Paris Hilton, so we would probably end up in jail, but also because breaking the law (speeding and seat-belt), is a HUGE waste of money!


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