“Finance For Youth: The Book” is still going through some revisions, but it is very close to being ready, as is the companion volume, “Finance For Youth: The Workbook”. In a fit of stubbornness that I will probably appreciate later in life, I made a promise to handle the entire process personally.

Here comes the pitch:

F4Y is having a contest for people who want to design the cover of one or both books. The rules are pretty simple.

1. Any artwork must be yours, and you must have the right to transfer ownership.
2. All submissions become the property of Finance For Youth and William Stanton, regardless of whether they are actually used.
3. The winning submission will receive credit for the submitter but not compensation.

Here it is in a nutshell: Once you make an entry, the cover you enter becomes mine. You get credit for the winning design, but that’s about it. If I use a cover in the future that didn’t win this contest, the creater gets credit at that time.

Here are some guidelines.

-Nothing Obscene. It must be appropriate for everybody.
-Nothing that excludes anybody. For example, some religious icons are not obscene, but they may make people with other beliefs feel excluded. Everybody gets to read!
-No copyrighted material.
-No ripping off someone else’s work. That’s my job (I kid!!).
-Make it fun, make it relevant, make it wacky, make it good. Photos, Drawings, art, whatever, as long as you think it is good enough to display.
-Right now this is for credit only. As the contest progresses, we may decide to add other goodies to the pot. Don’t know what those are yet, but I’ve heard they are pretty “something”.

The process: Right now, I’m looking at just having the F4Y’ers choose the best one. If that becomes too hard, we may open judging to the readers and have you guys (and gals) vote on a winner.

How to enter: If you want to play, send me an email:


let me know you are interested. I will send you a template for the cover. Send it back to me before June 30th, 2007.

Good Luck, and thanks!


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