Part of being responsible and being ‘grown-up’ is knowing when you are in too deep and getting out before you drown. My friend in the earlier post took a lot of convincing to understand that she was in a bad place, but she now understands it.

Too often, young people try to “tough it out”, either too embarrassed or too stubborn to admit that they made a bad choice, or need some help to undo something they have done. They believe that by “making the best of a bad situation”, they are showing signs of maturity. This is unfortunate, because in most cases, adults WANT to help the young people around to do well. Further, there is nothing mature about destroying your future in order to “make it”. Consider the maturity of someone who, after falling into quicksand, decides to swim to the bottom in order to get a good boost back to the top.

I don’t want to look stupid either, and I admit that I will try to succeed at something that many people will say is doomed to fail. I usually succeed too. But I know a lost cause, and I have learned to temper my ego by understanding that there is no honor lost by asking someone for help when I need it.

  1. funkyfrogfarts says:

    Hi there, I just ran into this blog and I had to say I really agree with what you are saying here.

    I think somewhere or at some point people my age (20’s) were taught this: “making the best of a bad situation” or “toughing it out” is a good thing. Sometimes I admit it is… and it is hard to know when a person is in too deep. Some of us also, don’t have the guidance to tell us to pull back. Anyways, thanks for writing!!

  2. Wil says:


    First, love the moniker there.

    Second, I agree, sometimes, it is right to stick to something, even if it is difficult. Nothing worth having is ever easy. I remember being young, and sticking with something that I knew (in my head) was never going to pay off. My family aren’t reall big on quitters. Eventually, I gave up just because I was becoming a nervous wreck. Hopefully young people can read this and know that there are people who understand.

    Thanks for the comment.

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