Spring break is upon us, and although I never participated, I have plenty of friends who have. It’s a good time to let out some steam, decompress from school, and let it all hang out! So what does this have to do with Personal Finance? It could have plenty.

Look, I totally get the allure of going where there are no adults, the “beverages” are flowing, and good looking people wear very little. So do airlines, gas stations, hotels motels, etc. I’m not saying don’t blow off some steam, but understand that by doing so, you are blowing off a huge chunk of money as well. Personally, I’ve been to a lot of places, and just about everyplace has something cool for large groups of young people to do.

If you are still intent on going through this rite of passage, be smart about it.

– Understand that alcohol is expensive in many ways. First, it costs a lot up front. Second, if you are under-aged and are caught, bail is expensive too. I know the police are looking the other way more than usual, but do you really want to test luck.

– The pleasures of the flesh can wind up costing a lot too. Even with good insurance, you have to pay a Co-pay every time you see a doctor. Think of all those uncomfortable visits to clear out the last vestiges of a rocking spring break. That burning sensation– might as well be cash.

– As in yesterday’s post, children are expensive, and people at spring break are not known for their ability to make wise decisions about comingling their most valueable assets (if you don’t get it, ask your parents– they’ll explain)

– An addendum to the first point. People under the influence of alcohol tend to do stupid things that cost money that they wouldn’t do otherwise.

– Girls, think of the expense in hiring a lawyer if you are unlucky enough to get filmed displaying your tan-lines and have to sue some sleazy internet peddler.

– Guys, think of the expense in hiring a lawyer if you are unlucky enough to “hook-up” with a girl who later decides that what you two did was wrong, even criminal.

Now I contridict everything I just said. If you go to spring break, make sure you make the most of it and have fun. More important than watching your financial situation is to make sure you are looking out for your own safety!

All that being said, anybody doing anything cool for spring break? I want to know. Wil(at)finance4youth(dot)com.


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