Finance For Youth is more than a series of blogs that educate young’uns about Personal Finance. That’s where we spend the bulk of our time, but there is more. We also:

– Search and research consumer products that are beneficial to young people.
– Review Financial Products for how good they are to young people.
– Speak at special events, assemblies, clubs, classes (like for Economics, or other appropriate classes), and other youth groups (both secular and religious) about Finance and young people.

Our speaking schedule is fairly limited, but we try to accommodate most requests.

If you are a leader or moderator of one of these groups and you would like to have Finance For Youth at your event, email our scheduling team

In your email, give us the following information:

1. Your group name.
2. Where the event will be
3. The date you would like to have a speaker.
4. How many will be in attendance (approximately).
5. Your name.
6. Your contact information (include a phone number where we can reach your during day time hours)
7. Any other information that you feel would be important, such as topic requests, etc.

Due to scheduling, volume, and other considerations, we may not be able to get back to you immediately, but we try to respond to all requests within 48 hours.

This would be an excellent idea for any group of young people, (high school, college, etc) who wants to become financially literate, but doesn’t want to sit through a sales presentation for a bank, credit union, or credit card company.


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