Stocks and Goose Liver Pate’

Posted: February 28, 2007 in Banking, blogroll, Blogs I'm reading!, Consumer Issues, Finance For Youth, Investing, Life, Saving

I know I said that I don’t talk about investing here, but recent events have forced my hand.

I got a lot of flack from some of my peers about not advocating investments as a way to get rich. I was told that I was irresponsible, that I was teaching a flawed system, and worst of all– that I was preparing the future for mediocrity. “The only way to get rich is by investing”, I was told (of course many of these peers work at investment companies, but somehow that’s supposed to be okay).

Then the market started to drift downward (drift like a rock). Many of my friends and peers lost a very important anatomical part.

Now, in an effort to make themselves feel better, I’m hearing “this is a perfect opportunity to buy”, and “it’s like a great sale for stocks”. Meanwhile, those who have saved prudently and invested where they could do so wisely, aren’t even phased by it.

I’ve never eaten goose liver pate’, so I don’t miss it. I’ve never wanted to. The point is, most “experts” who worship at the idol of investing need to convert you to their way. If we were to go through another Depression, they would be devistated, and as we all know, misery loves company. Those of us who build strong financial skills will be fine, and will survive, just like our grandparents did.

So, if you choose to invest, please be smart enough to not invest more than you can afford to lose. Never count on investments to finance for your future. At best, they can enhance your future, but at worst they can ruin it.


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