Stupid People Don’t Deserve My Money.

Posted: February 7, 2007 in Blogs I'm reading!, Consumer Issues, Finance For Youth, Friends, Jobs, Life, Working

A little while ago, I was in a retail store which shall remain nameless. I knew what I wanted to buy but I was kind of bored and had nothing better to do, so I strolled around the store. Usually when I do this, I am bombarded with people who are willing and eager to help me. This time was different. Nobody came around, nobody said “Hi!”, nothing, even though it wasn’t busy in there.

I deliberately walked by, and past, two employees who were having a conversation about the Super Bowl (this was just after we found out who was playing). I walked past them, paused, looked around like I was looking for something, abd when nobody responded, I walked past.

When I got to the area that had what I wanted to buy, I picked up the item, and looked at a couple of similar items. One of the salespeople that I had already walked past once was less than 10 feet away and facing me, but again, no response. My response was probably out of line, but I was done. I said loudly, “This is B——-! F— this place!” and I left.

The item I was buying was pretty expensive, and I really wanted it, but it wasn’t worth being ignored to get it. The lesson here is this: No matter what you do, take pride, and understand who you truly work for. They lost a sale because they didn’t know this.

Anybody have a better way to handle this type of situation? Let me know!

  1. Das Brain says:

    First of all, I sympathize with you. There are many times that I have walked into a store and the same thing happened, which is the salespeople ignores you.

    Basically,customer service is part of the past. In many stores now it is hard to get good customer service. The stores that gives good service usually gets your business. People actually are willing to pay more for better service, including myself. While the ones that don’t which is the un-named store lost your money or your business.

    So, you are right stupid people don’t deserve your money. And stupid businesses with bad customer service don’t deserve your money either.

    I would have probably said out loud, but not in a rude way. ”
    I was going to purchase this expensive item but no one is helping me, so I am leaving and you just lost my business. Goodbye”

    Good post, it details the frustration every consumer goes through everyday with bad service.

    Das Brain

  2. Clever Dude says:

    I’m actually glad when no one bothers me in the store anymore. It means I’m not pressured to buy something and I can take my own time to peruse the merchandise.

    I know it’s their job to assist customers, but I’m fine with asking them for assistance, as long as they make themselves readily available.

  3. Wil says:


    I agree that I don’t want a sales person invading my personal space, but the point here is that they lost a sale because they wouldn’t even acknowledge that I was there.

    While this was a post to get this off my chest, this was also a lesson to young people who are getting their early jobs. They need to remember why they are there. It was wrong for the employees here to ignore a customer. I want to make sure that young people understand the importance of focusing on doing the best they can at their job.

  4. manners are easily carried says:

    I suppose your little outburst made you feel important. My bet is that they are probably not even bothered about losing your poxy few quid, you jumped up Wanker. Customer service reps have a tough job pleasing everyone, like the guy above says some people dont want to be pawed all over.

    If you ever spoke to my staff like that, in my presence, your feet wouldnt even touch the ground. I do agree that all people need to understand the importance of focusing on doing the best they can at their job, but you wouldnt talk to a police officer or judge like that. All people deserve to be treated with respect and dignity when they are at work, if there is a problem with customer service you should leave that to the management to identify.

  5. Wil says:


    Thank you for reading and responding.

    Funny thing is, nobody EVER talks to my employees rudely, in or out of my presence, so I agree with you on that part. I am fiercely protective of my people, and they always know that they don’t have to deal with rudeness.

    The part that bothers me, and should bother you and everybody else is, they probably weren’t bothered by the fact that a paying customer left their store, no sale was made, and they lost a previously loyal customer, because they were too lazy and stupid to do their jobs.

    Although I’m a little bothered by you calling me a wanker, I take the point. My reaction to the obvious inappropriate lack of service was too much. It would have been better if I sought out a manager, explained the situation, and then left without making a purchase.

    My point is, since this is my job (teaching young people), and I do it publicly (this and other forums) I am expected to do exactly that. Everybody else is allowed to silently disappear, and no values are ever learned by the offending (and offensive) store employees. This strikes me as backwards. One of the reasons my people know for sure that they never have to deal with rudeness is because they know that I demand the absolute best service from them. I cannot throw a customer out of my office if I don’t know for sure that my people are doing everything they should be. I assume that you would have been able to throw me out of your establishment because you would be absolutely confident that they did what you are paying them to do.

    It’s a mad cycle, but I would have never reacted in the way I did if they had done their jobs. Incidentally, had a manager tried to throw me out, THEY would have had the opportunity to hear exactly what the problem was. Unfortunately, the management seemed to be as dim-witted as the staff.

    Finally, if I noticed a police officer blatantly neglecting his duties to chat with his partner, I absolutely would call him (or her) down for it. They work for me, not I for them. I would be more reluctant to talk to a food server that way (especially if I’m still waiting for my food) than to a cop. I know what they do to customers who complain. I admit, I probably wouldn’t speak to a judge that way though, they have the ability to throw you in jail for whatever reason, or for none at all if they choose.

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