As promised, I’ve reviewed Wells Fargo in the same manner that I reviewed Bank of America.

Wells Fargo is a little different because it touts itself highly as being an online bank.


Bank Name  Wells Fargo
Program Name  College Checking 
Monthly Fees  $3.75
Ways to avoid Fees  Online Statements$2.00 deduction with Direct Deposit 
Other Fees  See website for details, none for program 
Online Access  Free 
Online Bill Pay  For balances less than $5000.00, 6.95 per month up to 25 bills 
Additional Website comments  N/A 
Overall Grade  C-

Wow!  For an online bank, they charge for Bill Pay, which is unheard of today.  I also really didn’t like the idea that they only discount your fee if you have direct deposit.  A bank that large would do well (get it? WELL), to waive a monthly fee like every other institution in the free world.

  1. Brady says:

    Being a Wells Fargo customer at the moment I concur, Wells Fargo definately kinda blows.

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