Taking Some Time Off

Posted: December 5, 2006 in Blogs I'm reading!, Finance For Youth

I want to thank everyone who is reading this for their continued readership. I’ve tried to make regular posts to my blog(s) to keep the content fresh, but sometimes this is hard. I’m sure you all know what it’s like to have work, school, family, or other obligations that make writing a blog difficult.

I’m not quitting, and I plan to bring a lot more high quality content to MySpace and my other sites in the New Year, but I will be taking some time off. I’m in the finishing stages of getting Finance For Youth: The Book published, and I really want to get this done and on the shelves ASAP. I originally thought I would be able to do all things at once, but I am very concerned about getting things done right.

If anybody out there is considering to write and publish a book on their own, let me tell you that it is A LOT of work, and it takes a lot of dedication to get it done right. I didn’t know that when I started, but I hope the end result is worth your time to read.

Hopefully, as time and circumstances allow, I will post pertinent information in the mean time, but I’m hoping to be back at the website full time in early 2007!

Some things to look forward to in the new year are:

-Best Financial Institutions for Youth

-Youth Friendly companies

-More on working

-Developing a plan

-What would YOU do with and extra $XXXXX?

-Dating and Finance For Youth

-Best products for Youth and where to get them

and a lot more! If you have any other ideas or other requests, let me know: wil@finance4youth.com



  1. In the mean time check out other similar sites. I run Successful Personal Finance.com. Like Wil I am trying to educate people on basic personal finance tips that have consistently worked over long periods of time.

    I’m also quite young (just graduated from college this year) so I have the same sort of biases with parents and the rest.

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