Posted: October 5, 2006 in Blogs I'm reading!, Family, Finance For Youth, Friends, Life, Relationships

I often sit here, at my computer, working on one of several projects, thinking that I’M working hard, or that I’VE got a lot on my plate.  It’s true, Finance For Youth has become a sort of obsession for me, but it would be irresponsible for me to try to take all the credit, or to become the martyr for this project.

This project really was a long time coming, and I’m glad to be part of it!  In addition to fulfilling a really important need, (one that is underrepresented, in my opinion) it is also a lot of fun, and is teaching me more every day!  But it wouldn’t have ever gone past the spiral bound notebook that it started as without the support and encouragement of my wife Karen.  In addition to being my leveling influence, Karen also has a lot of experience dealing with this topic in her own right.  She has been working for financial institutions her entire adult life, as have I, and she has probably helped more teens and youth than I have.  She is an awesome sounding board, and it’s really nice to be able to float ideas and have them understood without extra explanation.  For all of that, I have to thank her.

In addition to my wife, I would also like to thank my family for all the life-lessons that they have taught me about money, finance, and life in general.  Some of them were on purpose, and some were gained by learning what NOT to do.  I would also like to thank Karen’s sister, Princess Edamame, (I usually call her Mel, but that’s okay, she usually calls me, “Cappy”) who has been a reader of this and other projects of mine since the beginning.  Having personally grown up around all brothers, I’m not real sure how to treat a sister, so I’ll throw a football at her and make her eat mud as a show of my appreciation.

Last, I would like to thank those people who I have worked with who have helped guide me along my professional path.  Thanks

That’s all the mush for now.


  1. Wow, Cappy, thank you. And as long as it’s a chocolatey mud pie, I’ll be happy to eat it. You can keep the football.

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