Reasons NOT to Work

Posted: September 5, 2006 in Blogs I'm reading!, Family, Finance For Youth, Friends, Jobs, Life, Relationships, School, Working

Now that you’ve come very close to making a decision to joining the workforce, you should really look at the other side of the equation.  Working is hard.  Unlike your normal life, you don’t get to sleep in, ever.  You also don’t get summers, holidays, a week in spring and a week in winter off.  Forget about being able to speak up and say what you want.  Mouthing off to someone in authority may get you a date with the head cheerleader, (or whoever is popular in high school these days), but in the work place, all it will get you is fired and then you have to look for work all over again.

 Another concern that a lot of parents have about teens working is that they will somehow miss out on some of the milestone moments that are traditional “kid” things to do.  Some parents remember when they finally started working and how they had to start making choices about what they were going to do and when. 

All of these arguments make sense, but the last one really gets to me.  I was working at a very young age, (in fact, I lied about my age several times just to get a job, but that’s another topic) and I don’t feel like I missed out on anything.  I hung out with my friends, I went out with girls, I even playes sports and competed in other things.  All in all, I was very well rounded.  I also had an income, which made me even more popular!  But seriously, if there is a concern that your working will get in the way of you living out your minority years in the manner you would prefer, then you should wait.  Truthfully, you will not be a very productive worker if you do join too early, and you will regret the experience.

If working interferes with school, that is a totally different story. You should avoid working at all costs if it will affect you doing your best in school.  You don’t want to be destroying your chances to have a better job because you focused too much on making sure the fry pits were cleaned and not enough on making sure your homework was done.


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